AMBITIOUS 1 will be the smallest speaker from Ambitious Audio Design. The intention behind developing AMBITIOUS 1 was to build a beautiful speaker with ultimate performance. Cost no object. The only limitation would be the size of the speaker.

Every aspect regarding drivers, crossover, enclosure and wiring building the ultimate speaker was naturally under consideration.
Searching for the best solution in every aspect lead to more improvements. These improvements are introduced in AMBITIOUS 1.

Until a full presentation of the speaker is presented, some highlights follows:

  1. The enclosure is mainly made of premium anodized aluminum combined with stainless steel and brass.
  2. The advanced enclosure – weighing almost 60 kilos – is machined from 175 kilos of aluminum.
  3. To prevent coloration from the enclosure it is designed with no parallel sides and a new internal design never used before.
  4. The crossover is mounted in the stand to minimize influence from the powerfull magnets.
  5. For aesthetic reasons we wanted to design a speaker without sharp edges and the usual numbers of bolts.
  6. Please note that the binding poles are placed at the bottom of AMBITIOUS 1.

To the AMBITIOUS 1 size would be the only limitation to full-range high-end performance.

We are proud to present AMBITIOUS 1 at HIGH END in Munich, May 2015.

AMBITIOUS 1 will be ready for production in 2015.


The enclosure of Ambitious 1 carved from 175 kilos aluminum